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Benelli Extended Shotgun Chokes

Category: Shotgun Choke Sets

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Designed as a viable alternative to the more expensive Benelli shotgun chokes, the Mandel shotgun choke, fits most makes of Benelli. Mandel chokes are tried and tested in the field and are used throughout the country for recreational and professional shooting. To purchase or to ask questions about our chokes please contact us using the details at the top of the page.

No need to pay extra for Benelli own make chokes when our choke is made to a similar specification and manufactured in quality steel. To date we have had no complaints regarding level of performance in relation to original Benelli chokes.

Further information about Benelli shotgun chokes can be found at please note that the Mandel shotgun choke is manufactured in the UK and that we are not affiliated to Benelli in any way. Mandel shotgun chokes are an alternative to Benelli shotgun chokes and can be easily fitted and removed.

More about Benelli Shotguns

Benelli has an international reputation for quality and is the number one choice of shotgun for many military and law enforcement units throughout the world. Most notably the famous M3 is used almost exclusively by American swat teams. The company was only formed in 1967 so it is a relative newcomer to the industry however in its life time is has produced some iconic weapons and has established itself as a leading manufacturer. Strangely the company was an offshoot of the Benelli motorcycle company. Many of the weapons use a unique inertia system developed by Bruno Civolani. This system uses almost the entire firearm as the recoiling component instead of the bolt which remains static during firing.

Find out more about the Benelli inertia system.

Mandel Chokes for Benelli shotguns

Benelli shotgun chokes can be obtained directly from the manufacturer and approved stockists. Please note that Mandel does not stock or sell chokes that have been manufactured by Benelli . Our chokes are manufactured in steel to a high specification and have been used successfully by shooters throughout the UK.

You can also buy each choke separately - Buy individual Benelli Extended Shotgun Chokes


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