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Laurona Extended shotgun choke

Category: Shotgun Choke Sets

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Why pay more for a Laurona own branded shotgun choke when there is little if any measurable difference in quality or performance? The Mandel choke is manufactured in quality materials and is definately a viable alternative to the standard Laurona shotgun choke.

Q. Why buy a Mandel choke instead of a Laurona shotgun choke?

A. As a shotgun choke is a static and simple addition to your weapon and, Mandel shotgun chokes are manufactured to a similar specification, there is no reason to worry that there will be any significant difference in performance. Mandel Chokes have been field tested with the Laurona shotguns and we are confident that our shotgun chokes perform as well as any other alternative.

Further information about Laurona shotguns can be found at please note that the Mandel shotgun choke is manufactured in the UK and that we are not affiliated to Laurona in any way. Mandel shotgun chokes are an alternative to Laurona shotgun chokes and can be easily fitted and removed.

Laurona Shotguns a brief history

Founded in Eibar in 1941 Laurona has recently been bought out by the Norica Group as part of their expansion into the arms industry. Laurona started by manufacturing over-and-under shotguns for hunting and shooting and has an excellent reputation for quality.

Mandel Chokes for Laurona shotguns

Laurona shotgun chokes can be obtained directly from the manufacturer and approved stockists. Please note that Mandel does not stock or sell chokes that have been manufactured by Norica or any company affiliated by Norica. Our chokes are manufactured in steel to a high specification and have been used successfully by shooters throughout the UK.

You can also buy each choke separately - Buy individual Laurona Extended shotgun choke


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