Escort Hatsan V2 Shotgun Chokes (Extended)


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These Chokes will only fit Escort Hatsan that comes with the V2 chokes.

Escort Hatsan V2 shotgun chokes that have been precision manufactured in the UK from premium grade stainless steel. High quality after market shotgun chokes that can be fitted to the Escort Hatsan V2 shotgun in place of the manufacturers own.

The Mandel extended shotgun choke present a clear alternative to own brand Escort Hatsan V2 shotgun chokes without compromising on quality and we believe that there is no difference in effectiveness. To date we have had no complaints regarding level of performance in relation to original Escort Hatsan V2 chokes.

Manufacturers of Escort Hatsan V2 shotgun chokes would like you to believe that their chokes are superior but a shotgun choke is a simplistic part with no moving pieces. Our Escort Hatsan V2 extended shotgun chokes are similar in specification and materials and therefore are similar in performance to others on the market. The only real difference of course is the cost!

  • Precision engineered in the UK from high grade stainless steel.

  • Our Escort Hatsan V2 extended shotgun chokes can be changed by hand without a key.

  • Simple ring system to allow quick identification of chokes.

  • Unless otherwise specified chokes extend 1" from the end of the barrel.

You can buy Escort Hatsan V2 shotgun chokes online and we have other related shotgun accessories including shotgun cabinets and cleaning equipment. Please note that the Escort Hatsan V2 chokes available on our site are not Escort Hatsan V2 own brand chokes. If you are unsure whether the Mandel shotgun choke will fit your Escort Hatsan V2 shotgun or you would like further advice, please contact us.

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